M2 Series Narrow Transport Windrowers

Performance in the field and on the road.

Now you can handle the road with the same precision you manage your harvest. Engineered specifically for European roads, the MacDon M2170 NT (Narrow Transport) delivers full-sized harvesting performance in a road-friendly package. With an intuitive operator experience from the all-new HarvestTouch Display, the MacDon M2 Narrow Transport helps you get more from every harvest.

*Some products and/or options may not be available in all markets. See your MacDon Dealer for availability.

Performance in the field and on the road.

Engineered specifically for European roads, the MacDon M2170 NT (Narrow Transport) seamlessly combines full-sized harvesting capabilities with a road-friendly design. It's Stage V Cummins turbo diesel engine meets global emission standards while delivering enhanced power, improved efficiency, and simplified maintenance. The M2's HarvestTouch™ Display provides simple control with an intuitive touchscreen interface to keep you productive all day. Plus, all the usual goodies that make MacDon Windrowers a cut above, like Dual Direction Steering, 360 Degree Night Vision, CrossFlex™ Suspension, and more. Get more all harvest long with MacDon M2 Windrowers.


Along with MacDon’s patented Dual Direction® steering, you’ll be able to navigate tight roadways with a narrow driving width of only 347 cm (137”), and safely cruise along at speeds of up to 45 km/h (28 mph)*. Turn yourself around and set the machine to field mode, which pushes the machine’s max-width to 440 cm (173”). In just minutes, you’re ready to take advantage of massive crop clearance ability. 

Featuring the Industry's best crop clearance with 115 cm (45") of height and 341 cm (134") of width, big bushy swaths flow effortlessly under M2 Series Windrowers.* Ample header lift height lets you get up and over the tallest bushiest windrows with ease.


As a farmer you deal with risk every day, so a little bit of control goes a long way. MacDon M2 Series Windrowers help widen your harvest window and give you more options to help manage that risk. MacDon has been perfecting the windrower concept for 75 years, so we know that with swathing comes great harvesting benefits: quicker harvest times, fully organic harvesting, a shorter season, an alternative to natural drying or desiccation, and even crop ripening. 

Click the link to learn how MacDon M2 Windrowers help you get more from every harvest.


The M2170 NT has a 4.5 liter 4 cylinder Stage V Cummins turbo diesel engine with a peak of 173 horsepower (129kW) at 1900 rpm. This engine meets global emission levels while delivering more power, improved efficiency, and easier maintenance. Clean, simple, efficient, and powerful, that's how you get more with MacDon M2 Series Windrowers.


M2 Windrowers provide precision control at your fingertips with the all-new HarvestTouch™ Display. HarvestTouch™ precisely tracks your harvesting performance and provides user-customization features through an intuitive touchscreen interface.

The M2's precision controls feature a two-stage control allowing faster and more precise header positioning. In addition, users can easily program up to three One-Touch-Return buttons for immediate control of the header's height, tilt, knife speed, reel, or draper operations.

Trimble-ready integration means your M2 Windrower connects seamlessly to Trimble's guidance system.


M2 Series Windrowers feature a dual radiator design. The cooling fan behind the cab pulls in clean air and kicks in to reverse independently to blow out debris from the radiator. This constant, fresh airflow keeps the engine and hydraulics running cool all day. 


Featuring the Industry's best crop clearance with 115 cm (45") of height and 341 cm (134") of width, big bushy swaths flow effortlessly under M2 Series Windrowers.* Ample header lift height lets you get up and over the tallest bushiest windrows with ease.

*Measurements may vary depending on tires and tire setup. 


MacDon's patented CrossFlex™ Suspension makes in-field speeds up to 29 km/h (18 mph) possible, but MacDon's innovation doesn't stop there. With our patented Dual Direction® steering, you can switch from field to road mode in seconds and travel at speeds up to 45 km/h (28 mph)*. 

Hooking up and transporting MacDon drapers is quick and easy with MacDon's Easy Move Transport System and allows towing speeds up to 32 km/h (20 mph)*. Spending more time in the field instead of transport is just another way you get more with MacDon. 

*Always follow local traffic laws and regulations.


MacDon's patented CrossFlex™ Suspension makes in-field speeds up to 29 km/h (18 mph) possible, as this innovative design absorbs impact from rough terrain, allowing smooth harvesting no matter the field condition.

MacDon's Smooth innovations don't stop there. The Ultra Glide® cab has a four-corner independent gas shock suspension system featuring stabilization to prevent cab roll.

CrossFlex™ Suspension, Ultra Glide® cab, and an air ride seat in combination mean you'll enjoy a smooth, comfortable, and controlled harvesting experience with the M2, reducing fatigue to keep you cutting all day long.


M2 Series Windrowers' deluxe cab option takes comfort and performance to the next level, featuring heated and vented leather seating, power mirrors, and 360 Degree Night Vision from 8 high-power LED work lights. The bright halo of light from our Night Vision lets you transition smoothly from day to night.


M2 Windrowers equipped with the deluxe cab option get you more with MacDon's 360 Degree Night Vision. Eight high-power LED work lights create a bright halo of light that lets you work safely long after the sun goes down.


Continuing MacDon's tradition of innovative solutions to make harvesting easy, the M2's design means you'll spend less time setting up and more time cutting.  
• DEF and fuel fill at ground level
• 530 liter (140 gallon) fuel tank keeps you cutting all day 
• Larger 55 liter (14.5 gallon) DEF tank (M2260)
• Check the engine oil without lifting the hood
• Hydraulic oil level sight glass 
• Easy access to the radiator and cooler box
• Sliding platform allows easy access
• Multi-coupler hydraulic hook-ups 
• Easy-access lockable toolbox conveniently tucked away in the M2's platform 


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M2 NT (Narrow Transport) Windrower Specifications
EngineCummins QSB4.5L 4 Cylinder Stage V Turbo Diesel (B20 bio-diesel approved)
HorsepowerRated 129 kW (173 hp) @ 2200 rpm
Weight*5942 kg (13100 lbs)
Batteries / Alternator2, 12 volt (Group 29H or 31A), 200 amp
Fuel Tank / DEF Tank518 L (137 US gal) / 49 L (13 US gal)
Front Width3489 mm (137.36 in.) Road / 3834 mm (150.9 in.) Field
Rear Tread Width2666 - 3659 mm (105 - 144 in.)
Wheel Base4290 mm (168.9 in.)
Crop Clearance1150 mm (45.28 in.)
Drive Wheels540-65R30
Tail Wheels16.5L - 16.1 with independent suspension
TransmissionHydrostatic Infinitely Variable
Field SpeedUp to 29 km/h (18 mph)
Road (Transport) SpeedUp to 43.4 km/h (27 mph) **
Final DrivePlanetary gearbox
Cab EquipmentDual Direction® operator station, Ultra Glide® cab suspension
Operator StationStandard Cab: Bluetooth® equipped radio, windshield (sun) shades (front and rear), adjustable air ride suspension cloth operator seat, seat belt, fold away trainer seat, windshield wiper with washer fluid, auto climate control, warning beacons, tilt and telescoping steering column, 4 halogen road lights, 8 LED work lights. Deluxe Cab option adds: Heated and vented leather high-back multi-adjustable air ride seat, seat belt, leather fold away training seat, power mirrors, 360˚ Night Vision from 8 high lumen LED work lights, *All M2170NTs will have a deluxe cab.
Harvest Performance TrackerHarvest Touch Display: 17.8 cm (7") color LCD touch screen
Instrumentation and Monitor SystemMonitoring functions: (1) Speed: ground, knife, reel, conveyor, cooling fan (2) Pressure: knife, reel, conveyor (3) Header Position: height, tilt, float, reel height, reel fore/aft (4) Engine: RPM, fuel consumption, load
OptionsCenter link Alignment Kit, Rear Ballast Weights, Weightbox and Harness for Header Transport, Float Booster Springs, Double Windrow Attachment (DWA), Swath Compressor, HD Wheel Drive Conversion, High Debris Cooler Kit, Block Heater.
*Weight with 600-65R28 bar tires and 16.5L-16.1 suspended tail wheels. Hydraulic oil and coolant included in weight. Does not include fuel/DEF.
** Always follow local traffic laws and regulations. Top speed determined by region.
Windrower to Header Compatibility
M2170NT✓Up to 10.7 m (35')
M2260✓4m (13')*
M1170NT✓Up to 10.7 m (35')
M1240✓4.9m (16')✓4m (13')*
M205✓4.9m (16')✓**
* Double Windrow Attachment Not Available
** R2 Grass Seed Special Header is not compatible with M205

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