FD1 Series FlexDraper®

FD1 Series FlexDraper® Headers

Most combine headers perform well in perfect harvest conditions, but when was the last time you had perfect conditions? MacDon FlexDraper® and Draper Headers are designed to maximize productivity in the toughest harvesting situations.

*Some products and/or options may not be available in all markets. See your MacDon Dealer for availability.

Imitated but never duplicated

Featuring MacDon Flex-Float Technology®, FD1 Series FlexDrapers continue to advance harvesting innovation. The flex advantage comes from a fixed reel-to-cutterbar relationship, which maintains a small gap between the reel fingers and cutterbar, while the Active Float System allows for instant lateral and vertical float response over rolling and uneven terrain. The result of our Flex-Float Technology is smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding that significantly boosts combine productivity.


MacDon's Active Float System reacts instantly to changing ground conditions. This immediate float response means you can cut extremely close to the ground without pushing. Two sets of coil springs on the FM100 Float Module support up to 97% of the header weight. The instant float response provides 4.8 degrees of lateral float and 7” (178 mm) of vertical float independent of the combine feeder house. Best of all, this is a simple, mechanical system with only one sensor, so things won't break down when your harvest is on the line. MacDon’s Active Float System keeps our headers true-to-the-ground for a clean, even cut every time.


Thanks to the FM100, MacDon Draper Headers are designed to fit all major brand combines with an easy-to-install completion package. This multi-brand compatibility and interchangeability mean your investment will hold its value until it's time to update your header.


The MacDon FeedMax™
MacDon's FeedMax™ system is designed to be custom configured to match any combine's performance capabilities, providing serious capacity, optimized feeding, and incredible productivity. FeedMacX™ components are built smart and tough to provide the performance and reliability MacDon is trusted for. Here's how it works:

Capacity: The heart of the FeedMax™ crop feeding system is the feed auger, featuring combine-tailored speeds, feeding configuration, and aggressive action, resulting in up to 20% more capacity over the previous model. In-feed speed is tailored to match that of your specific combine's feeder chain. Bolt-on components make it possible to configure the auger flighting and number of finger tines to match the combine's feeder house opening. The finger tines are longer and more aggressive. Altogether, the FeedMacX™ system works to optimize the performance of any combine in any crop.

The strength and reliability of the FM100’s feed auger comes from smart innovations and heavy-duty internal components, like the tine shafts that are 25% thicker than the previous model and an all-new reversing clutch that provides positive engagement in either direction. The new finger design protects both the header and the combine from foreign objects. Reconfigured and upgraded, the chain drive tension is externally adjustable and incorporates a positive stop to retain its setting and alignment.


Unlike other headers, the movement of our heavy-duty reel picks up and gently places crop onto the drapers. The reel features a uniquely shaped cam, which allows the fingers to get underneath lodged crop and pick it up before it's cut. Along with the header tilt control, which hydraulically angles the knife from the cab, and fore-aft reel positioning, our headers can be adjusted for the toughest harvesting challenges.


MacDon's Active Crop Flow gently places crop on the side drapers heads-first and swiftly moves it onto the feed draper, where it's scooped up into the combine's feeder house. Heads-first feeding promotes peak combine efficiency by saving fuel, improving threshing action, creating a better straw distribution, and allowing for a more productive harvest overall. Because this harvesting method is more efficient in damp and moist conditions, you can start earlier and work later into the evening.

Part of MacDon's FeedMax™ system, the side draper speed is increased up to 60% to optimize combine capacity, and an optional in-cab side draper speed control allows on-the-go adjustment.


MacDon’s D1 and FD1 Series headers are true multi-crop headers that are able to take down cereals, oil seeds, beans – just about any crop in any condition. The FD1 FlexDraper® switches easily from flex to a solid frame with the quick flip of a lever, giving you the ultimate flexibility to move from one crop-type to another. Any crop, any condition, MacDon Drapers are the ultimate performance upgrade for your combine.


MacDon’s C-shaped, low-profile cutterbar design allows ground level cutting for the most consistently close shave of your fields. Featuring a heavy-duty knife drive and in-cab knife angle control, this cutting system allows you to match any harvest conditions. The ultra-smooth ground-facing surface of our cutterbar helps our headers glide along the ground for a smooth close cut every time.


The optional Upper Cross Auger helps to move heavy, bushy, high-volume crops, like canola and peas, to the center of the header for smooth feeding. Featuring twin pitch flighting at the center of the auger to aggressively drive crop down and into the feed auger of MacDon's FeedMax™ system. Available for all header sizes,  the upper cross auger is attached in front of the back tube and features a shut-off valve to disengage the drive when not required. 


The MacDon FD1 FlexDraper® features a fixed reel-to-cutterbar relationship. A small gap between the reel fingers and the cutterbar is maintained at all times, even at extreme flex, ensuring smooth, consistent, heads-first feeding of the crop over the entire width of the FlexDraper.


The MacDon FD1 FlexDraper is a floating, three-section flexible header with a split reel. This allows the entire header frame, cutterbar, and reel to follow ground contours as a unit, flexing up to 254 mm (10") on either end, while maintaining a close reel-to-cutterbar relationship. This unique three-section design lets the FD1 FlexDraper deliver smooth, consistent, head-first feeding to the combine, even at extreme flex.

performance options


The upper cross auger attaches in front of the backtube and improves crop feeding into the center of the header in heavy crop conditions. It is ideal for high-volume harvesting of forages, peas, canola, mustard and other tall, bushy, hard to feed crops. It prevents crop from balling up on the drapers and flowing over the backtube.


  • Moves heavy, bushy, high-volume crops to the center of the header for smooth feeding
  • Runs the full length of the header on sizes up to 40 feet*
  • Twin pitch flighting at the center of the auger aggressively drives crop into the combine
  • Features a shut-off valve to disengage the drive when the auger is not required

* On 45 foot model the Upper Cross Auger does not run the full length of the header.


This kit is used to replace a damaged knife while in the field with a full length factory replacement. The spare knife is installed at the factory into the backtube of the header before shipping. Never be without a spare knife in the field


  • The spare knife is stored out of the way inside the backtube of D1 & FD1 Series headers


The Auto Lateral Tilt Kit consists of two sensors added to the header height sensing circuit. These sensors provide inputs to enable automatic function of the combines feeder house lateral tilt function, in addition to the standard automatic height control. This provides an increased range of automatic terrain following over rolling or uneven terrain.


  • Faster feeder house lateral tilt response in rolling and uneven terrain.

Notes: Not recommended for use on steep hills. Not compatible with New Holland combine 10 volt AHHC system.

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FD1 FlexDraper® Specifications
Size7.6 M (25')9.1 M (30')10.6 M (35')12.2 M (40')13.7 M (45')
Weight* Single Knife Drive With FM1003067 kg (6760 lb)3384 kg (7460 lb)3520 kg (7760 lb)3733 kg (8230 lb)-
Weight* Double Knife Drive With FM100---3797 kg (8370 lb)3992 kg (8800 lb)
Knife: Type / Drive / Speed / GuardsSingle or double knife / Hydraulic, MacDon design enclosed oil bath wobble box(es) / 1050 to 1400 spm, varies depending on header size / Pointed DHT (double heat-treated), strong, mud resistant profile
Reel: Type / Drive / Speed / FingersPick-up reel, 2-piece (double) (FD125 1-piece), flip-over design, cam-leading finger control / Hydraulic / 0 to 67 rpm, varies depending on combine model / 279 mm (11") length, wear-resistant HD plastic, 102 mm (4") spacing (FD125, 152 mm (6") spacing)
Conveyor: Type / Drive / Speed1057 mm (41.6") width, reversible 680.4 g (24 oz) rubber skim-coated drapers, double V-guide with tracking, integral seal on leading edge / Hydraulic / 0 to 194 m/min (0 to 636 ft/min) (Depending on combine model)
Standard FeaturesAdapters for most current model combines, hydraulic fore-aft reel positioner, hydraulic header tilt, cutterbar poly wear plates, auto-header height with header angle and ground pressure indicators
Field-Installed OptionsUpper cross auger, stabilizer wheels, in-cab side draper speed control, slow speed transport, lateral tilt automatic header height control
*All Listed Weights Are Approximations And Will Vary Depending On Header Configuration. Check With Your Dealer For Combine Ratings. Weight Includes FM100 Combine Adapter. The FM100 Combine Adapter Weighs Approximately 2400 Lb (1089 Kg); This Number Varies By Combine Model.
FM100 Float Module Specifications
Center DraperFeed Auger
Size2000mm (78.7") width1660mm (65.3") width
WeightApproximately 1089 kg (2400 lb), varies by combine model
TypeSelf-tracking, rubber-coated polyester fabric feed draper with rubber slats, hydraulic drive (reversible)Floating auger, mechanical drive (reversible), removable retracting fingers with full-retraction when reversing
Speed107-122 m/min (350 to 400 ft/min)185-206 rpm, varies with combine model
Header Flotation: Type / Vertical Range / Lateral Range (Tilt)Two pairs of coil springs, independent adjustment, transport lock-out / 178 mm (7") / 4.8 degrees
Fits most current model combines.

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