Looking for Harvestec Corn Headers, you’re in the right place!

The Harvestec lineup of corn heads, formerly known as the 6000 Series Cornado have been discontinued and are now sold as MacDon C Series Corn Headers in North America.

MacDon will continue to provide current Harvestec owners with parts support through MacDon Performance Parts PerformanceParts@MacDon.com, and service support through MacDon at Service@MacDon.com.

MacDon Performance Parts will carry parts for Harvestec 3000 Series, Harvestec 4000 Series, Harvestech 5000 Series, Harvestec 6000 Series, and Harvestec Cornado corn headers. Also including: 

4108, 4108C, 4208, 4208C, 4112, 4112C, 4212, 4212C, 4306, 4306C, 4308, 4308C, 4308F, 4308FC, 4312, 4312C, 4312F, 4312FC, 5108, 5108C, 5208, 5208C, 5112, 5112C, 5212, 5212C, 5306, 5306C, 5308, 5308C, 5308F, 5308FC, 5312, 5312C,5312F, 5312FC, 6112, 6112C, 6208, 6208C, 6212, 6212C, 6306, 6306C, 6308, 6308C, 6308F, 6308FC, 6312, 6312C, 6312F, 6312FC, GEN III, GEN 3

We are pleased and excited to announce the newly branded MacDon C Series Corn Headers which from now on will be supported through MacDon’s existing dealer networks.