Take FlexDraper® Performance Over the Top!

The ContourBuddy Performance Option is a simple mechanical system that uses strategically placed wheels under the FlexDraper. This design takes full advantage of the FlexDraper’s Flex/Float system mirroring the contours of the field while cutting up to 10 inches from the ground surface. Using ContourBuddy sets you up for next year’s seeding with a consistent even stubble height. 


Contour Buddy

Consistent Stubble Height on Rolling Terrain:

ContourBuddy provides FlexDraper owners the technology to use the Flex/Float and Auto Header Height systems of the header to cut ground contour mirroring stubble heights between 4 inches (100mm) and 10 inches (250mm) from the ground surface.* 

*True range varies slightly depending on combine type.

How It Works:

ContourBuddy uses wheels in four strategically placed locations, one on each end of the header and two sets at the hinge points of the header’s flex. These wheels allow the FlexDraper’s Flex/Float technology to work while cutting up to 10 inches from the surface while mirroring the ground contours.

Compatible With:   

MacDon FD1 Series, FD75, FD70 and CaseIH 2162.

Now available from the factory with 2020 FlexDraper® orders.