Make Harvest More Productive With Your New Self-Propelled Windrower.

Release Date: November 2011

More power just the first of many upgrades

With more power, more speed, more comfort and more performance - both in the field and between fields - selecting a windrower for your operation from the now complete line of M5 Series SP Windrowers by MacDon Industries Ltd. will be an easy decision to make.

The M105 and the M155 Models have now been released, and along with the M205, complete MacDon’s new generation of M5 Series Windrowers. The three models of the M5 Series share many advanced features:

  • For increased productivity, these windrowers are equipped with a high powered and fuel efficient, tier 3 Cummins engine that can automatically boost power when in extreme conditions.
  • Increased fuel savings with the Intermediate Speed Control allows header functions to operate at full power with reduced engine RPMs.
  • The operato’s view and comfort are enhanced with the cab forward design, curved windows, adjustable air-ride seat and finger tip control of header functions.
  • Save time with quick and easy daily maintenance and servicing of the windrower thanks to the moveable rail platforms and cooling system cores that easily slide or swing out of the way for fast cleaning.
  • Harvest more crop from a well formed windrow made possible in part by the redesigned chassis with a wide wheel stance and unmatched crop clearance below the frame.
  • For even more operator comfort and productivity, the MacDon Model M155 features the new Ultra Glide™ cab suspension system and Dual Direction® cab technology with a faster road speed when in the cab forward position.

MacDon Industries Ltd. is known worldwide as The Harvesting Specialist and has been building and perfecting harvesting machines for over half a century.