MacDon Releases Next Generation SP Windrowers.

Release Date: May 2007

New M Series Will Revolutionize How Producers Think About SP Windrowers.

MacDon, the Harvesting Specialists, have released a revolutionary concept in SP Windrowers which promises to not only make harvesting significantly more productive, but highway travel faster. MacDon’s all-new M Series Self-Propelled Windrowers feature MacDon’s patented Dual Direction™ technology, which allows 180˚ rotation of the operator station for unparalleled stability on the road. M Series boasts a top field speed of up to 16 MPH (25.7 km/h) and a top road speed of 23 MPH (37 km/h), which translates into faster cutting and faster journeys to and from the field.

M Series tractors are being released in two models, the M150 and the M200. The M150 is powered by a beefy 130 HP (97 kw) 4.5 liter turbo QSB series Cummins diesel engine that delivers a power boost to 140 HP (104 kw) as engine load increases. The even more powerful M200 is equipped with a Perkins 1106D, 6.6 liter, 6 cylinder turbo engine that puts out an impressive 213 HP (159 kw) with a power boost to 220 HP (164 kw) as RPM drops. Both engines have been configured with torque characteristics specifically engineered for MacDon’s tractor and header requirements and can be mounted with all of MacDon’s next generation headers including A Series augers, D Series drapers and the R80 Rotary Disc Header.

Among numerous performance and handling improvements, M Series tractors have been equipped with a fully computerized header control and monitoring system that provides the operator with real time readout of the header’s cutting performance. The operator will also enjoy easy, intuitive fingertip control of all header functions on the fly. The M Series frame features a wide wheel stance and an unobstructed 45 inch (1143 mm) clearance below frame for unmatched windrow clearance when cutting bushy crops. There is also a new hydraulic header drive with load-sensing circuits that delivers power on demand to all header functions. Reel and conveyor have also been indexed to ground speed for reduced shatter and crop loss.