Introducing MacDon’s R1 Series Pull-Type Mower Conditioner

Release Date: August 2015

A Rotary Disc Mower Designed to Keep You Cutting Even In the Toughest Crop Conditions

Cut faster, cut cleaner, and cut all day long - choosing a Pull-Type Rotary Mower for your operation just got easier with the introduction of the R1 Series by MacDon Industries Ltd.

The R113 and the R116 Pull-Type Models have now been released and represent MacDon’s new generation of pull-type rotary disc mowers. The R1 Series Pull-Type has many advanced features and benefits:

  • 9’ Wide Road Friendly Transport (Optional) 
    Switch from field to transport in 30 seconds, allowing quick and easy transport to and from or between fields. The Road Friendly Transport option is available on both models. This dealer installed option transforms the R1 Pull-Type to a road friendly 9’ (2.75m) transport width. This option is ideal for operations where width restrictions are the limiting factor to using a wider header. A 16’ machine is 23% more productive than a 13’ machine; now they both transport at only 9’ wide.
  • Responsive Float 
    The new linkage design provides a fast acting “Up and Back” motion with a wide range of travel. Consistent position control and lighter ground pressure makes for an even stubble height and a cleaner, smoother cut.
  • Serious Conditioning 
    The R1 Series provides a variety of options to tackle a variety of conditioning needs. 
    Industry’s widest conditionings rolls at 129” (328cm) feature 4 interchangeable conditioning systems; Steel and Polyurethane inter-meshing rolls, Finger Conditioner, and No Conditioner. Our low profile forward mounted cutterbar and quick float response makes for clean, smooth, even cutting.  Harvest more crop from a well formed windrow made possible in part to the redesigned chassis with a wide wheel stance and unmatched crop clearance below the frame.

The MacDon R1 Series Pull-Type is designed to keep you cutting, even in the toughest harvesting conditions. With unique features such as the industry’s widest conditioning rolls and the optional Road Friendly Transport for a road friendly 9’ (2.75m) wide transport in 30 seconds, that’s harvesting performance you can rely on.

MacDon Industries Ltd. is known worldwide as The Harvesting Specialists and has been building and perfecting harvesting machines for over 65 years. For more information on the R1 Series Pull Types please contact:

MacDon Industries Ltd.
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Winnipeg MB  R3J 3S3
t. (204) 885-5590
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