Manager, Global Parts Demand Planning

Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba

Date posted: Oct 20, 2021


Manage the entire Parts Forecasting/Demand Planning function using leadership, statistical analysis, inventory demand planning tools, and exceptional problem solving skills. Ability to lead change and collaborate with other departments to achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), resulting in meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations.


The following are the main job responsibilities and priorities that this position must focus on, must achieve and must excel at:

  • Ensure KPI's, such as fill rate and inventory turns, are met using statistical analysis and inventory demand planning tools such as forecasting, MRP/DRP, and min/max. Work closely with Supply Chain and worldwide Regional Parts Distribution Centre's (RDC's) to achieve these goals.
  • Make adjustments to KPI's and inventory demand planning tools based on changes in demand and market trends.
  • Establish effective inventory plans for new products as well as end-of-life strategies
  • Plan & fulfill all worldwide RDC inventory requirements in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Supply line shortage parts to Manufacturing/Production while minimizing impact on Parts service level & fill rates.
  • Prepare, report, and communicate on KPI's.
  • Continuously Improving inventory demand planning tools, methods, and approach.
  • Work with Senior Management on any tasks assigned.


Soft Skills

  • Leader with a positive attitude that inspires and motivates others.
  • Creative problem solver that can use objective analysis and evaluation to lead, make timely decisions, and develop strategies.
  • Analytical using logic to breakdown facts and numbers and come up with quantifiable solutions.
  • Learner with an interest in professional development for self and others.
  • Technical aptitude with an ability to relate service part demand needs & trends to the farming application and conditions experienced by MacDon products
  • Curious by nature and wants to know how things work, why they don't, how can they be fixed/improved, and a commitment to Continuous Improvement.
  • Communicator that clearly expresses ideas to a variety of individuals or groups.
  • Holistic thinker that can make connections between seemingly unrelated issues or events and seek balance between Customer, Employee, and Financial needs of the business.
  • Able to visualize an entire process, understand how it works, and make changes or improvements.
  • Adaptable to work in an atmosphere of change that requires new and different solutions.
  • Collaborative to work effectively in a team environment.
  • Customer Service driven with a sense of urgency to handle issues in a timely manner.


  • Extensive skills with MS Excel and strong mathematical abilities required.
  • Experience with DRP/MRP functionality
  • Farm Equipment and/or Ag Industry knowledge and experience is desired.
  • 3-5 years of experience in a Senior Demand Planning position, with IBF training & certification desired.
  • Strong knowledge of Demand Planning/Forecasting systems in a multi-location Regional Distribution environment.
  • Knowledge of Supply Chain processes to work closely with Supply Chain staff.
  • Experience using ERP software packages. JD Edwards experience an asset.
  • Knowledge of inventory KPI's.