We Appreciate You!

Thank You for 70 years of Harvesting Performance! To celebrate this milestone, we are launching a Customer Appreciation Event! Visit your local MacDon dealer for special pricing on select New MacDon branded equipment.

See these machines in action and find your local MacDon Dealer at MacDon.com/70AUS

With our 2019 EARLY ORDER PROGRAM, the earlier your order the more you save!

* This offer is available in Australia from November 1st until March 31st, 2019.
Order must be paid in full by MARCH 31st, 2019 to qualify. Products may be subject to availability.

$AVE 7000

On 2019 MacDon M Series Windrowers packaged with a 2019 A, D, or R Series Header.*

$AVE 3500

On 2019 MacDon D and FD FlexDraper® Combine Headers.*

$AVE 1500

On 2019 MacDon R Series Pull-Types.*