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La compagnie MacDon Industries Ltd. est un fabricant canadien de propriété familiale qui se spécialise dans la fabrication de matériel agricole de récolte de réputation mondiale. Pour plus de 65 ans, MacDon, en tant que pionnier de la technologie FlexDraper, poursuit constamment l’évolution de la technologie des plateformes de coupes a tapis. Nous travaillons directement avec les agriculteurs et les entrepreneurs agricoles pour dessiner, développer et tester nos machines dans les pires conditions autour du monde. Voilà notre méthode d’assurer que nous puissions faire face à toutes les conditions de récolte et d’assurer une récolte ininterrompue.

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Plateformes De Coupes À Tapis Rigides Et Flexibles Pour Moissonneuses-Batteuses


FD75 FlexDraper® FlexFloat Technology
MacDon Full Line


We've almost cut our harvest time in half with the FlexDraper
– Bill Aulie

With our previous flex-head we would try to maintain 100% engineload, but we were always down in the 50%, 60%,70% range. Now with the FD70 we’re not only able to attain 100%, we are also cutting 3 to 4 MPH (4.8 to 6.4 km/h) faster, and 4' (1.2 m) wider with each pass.

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My FD Series FlexDrapers paid for themselves in 700 acres.
– Ron Small, Monroe City, IN

When harvesting I never like to stop, but when I used to cut soybeans with an auger head I usually couldn’t start until noon because of the moisture. I would also have to stop when the sun started to go down, about 5:00 or 6:00 in the fall. But now with my FD70s I can usually start cutting by 9:00 in the morning and can run up until midnight or so, extending my harvest day by many hours. Another big advantage of my FlexDrapers are just how much their even feeding improves the productivity of my combines. I don’t just see it in the computer read-out, I can also hear the difference from the cab. Better feeding has let us increase our header width at least 25% and still harvest at about the same speed. We’re also recovering more thanks to the FD70’s gentler handling, about four to five more bushels an acre. In fact, I figure you can pay for the cost of the FD70 head over a regular conventional auger head every 700 acres. For example if you’re saving four bushels an acre, at a conservative $15 a bushel it only takes about 700 acres to reach the extra dollars you need. After that you’re ahead. If you want to buy the best engineered, most productive product that’s on the market today, I would have to recommend MacDon.

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MacDon’s D Series draper header is the best thing out there for rice.
– Alfred Brock, Marianna, AR

The wet, heavy cutting conditions we get here in the Mississippi Delta can make harvesting rice a real chore. If you’re harvesting with a normal auger header, the constant clumping and choke-ups can have you stopping many times to clear the header. But that’s not the case with MacDon’s D60 draper. Its smooth, consistent, heads first feeding almost eliminates clumping and other headaches. It’s the only header worth using in rice.

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