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MacDon Industries Ltd. is a family owned Canadian based manufacturer who specialize in building world-class harvesting equipment. For over sixty-five years MacDon has been innovating and advancing harvesting technologies. Our relentless pursuit for improvement is driven by the desire to make harvesting easier and more efficient. We work directly with producers and custom harvesters like you to design, develop and test our machines in the most demanding field conditions around the world. That’s our way of ensuring that your MacDon will deliver worry-free harvesting performance and keep you going even in the toughest conditions.

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Europe office

MacDon Europe GmbH
Hagenauer Strasse 59
65203 Weisbaden

Head office

MacDon Industries Ltd.
680 Moray Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3J 3S3
t. (204) 885-5590
f. (204) 832-7749



MacDon Performance Parts

UK Dealers

Please contact:

Mike Van Den Bosch
Market Specialist, Europe
+1 816 772 3030


Fd75 flexdraper® D65 draper header


Combining in Europe
FD75 FlexDraper® FFT
MacDon Full Line


We recovered 400 hectares crop we would have lost without the FD Series.
– Kees Huizinga, Kishehentsy, Ukraine

Last year we had 988 acres (400 hectares) of wheat go down. The FD70's reel action and low cutting ability allowed us to pick up that crop – something we would not have been able to do with another header. And my operators were able to feed it into the combine without having to stop and back-up like you would expect. They could just drive.

Find out more about FD75 Flexdraper® Headers for Combine
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